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Our Services


We provide professional risk control and cost containment services that address the pure risk concerns of both business and insurance carriers. Some of the risk areas include:

  • Casualty (GL & Products)

  • Workers Compensation

  • Property

  • Environmental Impairment Liability (EIL)

  • Industrial Hygiene

  • Fleet/Auto

  • Fidelity (3D Coverages)

  • Employer Liability / D & O

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Ergonomics

  • OSHA Compliance


The firm has experience developing, supporting and managing the following:

  • Risk Purchasing Groups

  • Captives

  • Safety Groups (Workers Compensation)

  • Fleet Trucking Groups

  • Trade Associations

  • PEOs

  • Non-Profit Organizations

Risk Management

A proven leader in the industry, performing the following for insurance companies, corporations, non-profit and public entities:

  • Confidential Risk Assessment (any business)

  • Self Insurance Assessment (if appropriate)

  • Loss Avoidance/Prevention Program Development (customized)

Claims Administration

Our experience has allowed us to develop procedures to improve the quality and efficiency of handling losses after their occurrence. Specific guidelines are established for the claim professional to follow based upon the program's objectives. These include:

  • Program specific incident reporting procedures

  • Immediate carrier/broker notification

  • Adjuster's telephone script

  • Investigation policies

  • Settlement authority and parameters

  • Pre-approved defense counsel

  • Record keeping

Training Programs

Customized programs include:

  • Introduction to Risk Management Principles

  • Claims Administration Guidelines

  • Industrial Hygiene Evaluation Procedures

  • Ergonomic Guidelines

  • Forklift Operations/Warehouse Distribution

  • Trucking Operations - Security/Delivery Procedures


Applied Risk is flexible with respect to the manner in which it is compensated for services. In some cases, we are compensated as a percentage of premium. This may not new balance herren be the most equitable basis of compensation. The services required to properly handle a given account may not be adequately covered by this method. On the other hand, inflated premium rates may increase compensation without a corresponding increase in service. In other situations, an hourly fee agreement can be the most equitable basis of remuneration.

In certain cases, we are compensated on a project basis or fee arrangement. The advantage of this approach is that our involvement can become an identifiable budgeted item. Specific services are provided on an agreed cost basis without regard to fluctuations in insurance premiums.

In summary, we can use the traditional compensation basis, a fee basis, hourly basis, or some combined approach. The main objective is that the services required are provided, a quality work product is timely produced, and that the compensation is fair to all parties.

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