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Client FAQ's


Are you affiliated or associated with any insurance company or broker?

No. The firm has no partners or investors. All of the company stock is controlled by the founder, Harry P. Mirijanian.

Can you describe the full range of your Risk Management services?

We offer our clients a single source for channeling all of their risk management needs. Not only do we have a national network of risk management professionals, but we have also formed strategic alliances with other qualified specialists offering services to the business community.

Do you perform inspection surveys?

Our in-network professionals are heavily credentialed consultants who are more geared to perform consulting assignments than checklist surveys. However, we recognize the value inspection surveys can provide our clients. Therefore, we have formed strategic alliances with regional inspection firms across the country to perform these types of services under our direction and QC oversight. Naturally, before we engage these inspection firms, we disclose the arrangement to our client.

Can you function as a full service/turnkey Program Manager?

Yes. We can perform turn-key services from inception thru successful implementation as well as managing on-going operations. Our services include program design with all accompanying risk new balance herren management features, including qualified pre-screening and the entire claims reporting, handling and settlement process. These latter claims services are handled via strategic alliances under our direction.

Do you offer customized training in such specialized and sensitive areas such as; diversity issues, sexual harassment, ergonomics, occupational safety & health and OSHA compliance?

Yes. While an organization may have issues in those topical areas, addressing each effectively requires a customized approach. We do not routinely promote the use of "canned" programs or materials.

Can you provide advice and assistance in the areas of Directors & Officers Coverage and Employment Liability Practices?

Yes. We offer comprehensive Risk Management services which address policies and procedures in all areas of corporate risk. Our consulting goals are to reduce risk, minimize those losses that do occur, lower insurance premiums, reduce organizational direct and indirect costs and generally make the workplace a better and safer place in which to work.

Can you describe the quality assurance process used by your firm with respect to your work product?

Each project, assignment and/or work product released by the firm undergoes a TQM/Peer Review via a thorough concurring review by an in-network senior consultant or team prior to its release.

Do you offer confidential risk assessment services as part of the due diligence process for business mergers, acquisitions or divestitures?

Yes. We can provide a verbal or well documented independent opinion of risk for management considerations.

Do you offer services on a percentage of realized savings basis?

No. While all of our services are intended to "add value" and favorably contribute to the bottom line, we must recover our costs on each assignment to continue our growth. We are certainly willing to entertain performance-based incentives above our core costs as an optional method for proposing fees.

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