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Our Clients


The Firm has extensive experience working for various industry groups at the direction of senior level management, risk managers, safety directors, and environmental health & safety professionals. We have listed a few of the client groups below.

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Warehouse Distribution

  • Fleet Trucking - Companies & Groups

  • Auto Dealerships

  • Supermarkets

  • Construction Firms

  • Hotels/Real Estate

  • Real Estate Agencies

  • PEO's

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitals

  • Nursing Homes

  • Non Profit Organizations


We have worked for all of the national brokerage firms as well as smaller regional firms. The professional relationship between client and broker is part of the foundation of the insurance industry. The broker must know as completely as possible, the risk to be marketed and obviously be prepared to answer any questions presented by the client or the carrier. Therefore, risk assessment, evaluation and results oriented programs are essential in maintaining a successful relationship. Applied Risk can fulfill this requirement.

Business opportunities are increased since brokers are able to entertain insurance programs where providing risk control services are necessary in order to get and maintain an account.


All carriers at some point need assistance in servicing their book of business. This may be due to increased workload or if a particular expertise is necessary for a certain class of business. Applied Risk has worked with national, regional and international carriers to provide a variety of services covering all components of the risk management spectrum.

Movers and Shapers

Applied Risk holds a prominent position in the industry having participated on new balance herren numerous councils and developed programs / presentations for professional groups such as: The Risk Insurance Management Society, American Management Association, Professional Insurance Agents, International Risk Management Institute, American Society of Safety Engineers, and St. Johns University College of Insurance (NY), just to name a few.

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